The Bing cherry is one of the finest and most popular sweet cherry variety's. Deep mahogany color, almost black. The skin is smooth and glossy, while the flesh is reddish purple, firm and sweet. Great to eat fresh or use for cooking.



The Rainier is an attractive yellow with a pink or red blush on its tender edible skin. Plump and juicy, Rainier's are larger and more fragile than the Bing cherry. Its firm pulp contains a white heart and offers a superior, sweet, fairly delicate flavor. Brown spots or scuffing on the surface indicates high sugar content.



Lamberts are the 2nd most common sweet cherry.  They are more heart shaped than round, they are smaller than Bings but they taste like a Bing. Lamberts are a good quality large bright ruby red cherry, with a sweet and firm flesh.  It is a superior cherry for out-of-hand eating.  



The Montmorency is the major tart cherry in the US, it is known for its ruby-red skin, but has light-colored flesh and juice.These cherries are great for baking, canning, drying, juices, jams and more. Studies have shown Montmorency tart cherries are a rich source of antioxidants, which can help fight cancer and heart disease. In addition, there are beneficial compounds in Montmorency tart cherries that help relieve the pain of arthritis and gout.



The Balaton cherry is a newer variety, becoming more and more popular as a fresh eating cherry. Balatons are a large, plump, firm tart cherry, they have a dark burgundy color throughout with a robust sweet-tart taste.